Fountain pens today are a lost art both in production and use, many of the newer fountain pens can be considered artistic pieces or works of art, whether they are from Visconti, Stipula, Omas, ASC or other companies.  You will find some examples of works of art that I hold in my collection here and also reviews of pens I own.  


From time to time as my collection changes both in size and variety, I will be selling off some of my fountain pens to go to good homes.  Please check the store for fountain pens that are currently up for sale.


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Fountain Pen Clubs are a great way to meet other people into the same hobby but also to be able to look and try pens before you buy.  Most major towns and cities in most countries will have a Pen Club or have one not that far to travel to.  Most clubs are very friendly, usually held in restaurants, pubs or coffee houses and held once a month.  In London, UK we meet on the first Saturday of every month, here are just a few selected photos from our meet.  To look at more Pen Club photos, please check out Pen Club Meets.

I serve on the Council of The Writing Equipment Society which was established in 1980 in The Drury Lane shop in London.

The Society is devoted to the conservation and study of writing instruments and accessories. Our members' interests cover pens of all types and materials, pencils, nibs, inkwells, stamp boxes, quill cutters, scriveners' knives, seals, writing slopes, blotters, letter scales, paper knives and rulers to mention but a few.

The Society has two broad objectives. First, although many members are interested in modern equipment, our primary concern is to encourage the study of handwriting equipment and related artefacts of earlier times, and of associated ephemera; we wish to record the history of writing equipment and encourage the conservation of both utilitarian and fine items.

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