How can I support you and donate some money to you?

Over recent months I have received numerous requests from my followers and subscribers asking if they can donate/send me money to help with the costs of creating the video content that I create and to enable me to create more videos.  

Although it is not in my nature to ask for money and I do everything within this hobby out of my love for the hobby and to give something back to the community.  Any donations small or large will help go towards upgrades for my video, photo and lighting equipment, allow me to continually improve my photography and video quality, help me build a new mini studio for my video creation and help me visit pen shows in which to create more great video content on location for you to watch.

Please note, I do not require or request that you donate any money, but if you want to do so and are willing and able to do so, then of course I will be enormously grateful for all the support you can give!

What ways can you support me?

  • Like, Comment and Subscribe

    • I know it may sound silly, but by liking, commenting and subscribing to my video’s and photos that I post and telling friends about them, you are already supporting my endeavours in creating great content. This is an absolutely free cost to you but helps me in getting my videos and photos more well known and having more people watching my videos and subscribing. There is no need to donate any sum of money unless you want to provide a greater level of support.

  • PayPal - One off Donation

    • One off donation, can be sent to my PayPal account of PenultimateDave@gmail.com enabling you to donate a one-off, fixed amount to support me. Use PayPal Friends and Family, if sending from outside the UK, PayPal will take around 3% of the amount you donate, so just bear that in mind that I will receive 3% less than the amount you pay as their transaction fee.

  • Patreon - Multiple payment amounts (monthly)

    • I have setup a Patreon account for anyone wanting to support and donate a recurring monthly fee of $5 or $10 per video I upload to Patreon allowing you also to set a monthly cap. Each tier provides a different amount of gifts in return. That can be reached from my Patreon account at https://patreon.com/penultimatedave.

Any support of course is greatly appreciated, whether you want to donate any sum of money or not, I will continue to create Fountain Pen Review Videos that you have already been loving so far for free, this is just a way of being able to say thanks back to me in showing your support for what I do and to help me to continue improving and creating even more content for the future.

Thank you EVERYONE for your support!

Penultimate Dave