UK South Fountain Pen Club Meet up

(Hampshire and Berkshire)

Trying to see if it's possible to get a meet up going if anyone is interested


Hi Everyone,

So as I mentioned on a number of channels (Facebook, Instagram etc) I'm looking to see what potential there is for having a Pen Club outside of London in the South of the UK seeing as many people can't travel into Central London, so it would hopefully be a little more of a local meeting point on a monthly basis.

Here are some suggestions that I've been thinking about...


  • 3rd Saturday of every month


  • Free to attend, drinks and/or meal is down to you to cover the cost


  • 5x possible locations across Hampshire and Berkshire
  • These aren't set in stone, but I've looked at hotels with restaurants on that have a decent amount of free parking, good food, beer and soft drinks.  
  • If we can't decide on a single one location then it's possible we could roam between locations every other month if we can find 2 or 3 that suite everyone.
  • You'll find STARS on the map to show location of possible locations.
  • Eastleigh (Bottom of M3 / M27)
    • Table Table (Premier Inn) Leigh Road, Eastleigh - Map / Hotel / Restaurant
    • Just off M3 J13
    • Free Parking (approx 60 parking spaces at hotel)
    • Served: Food, Beer, soft drinks
  • Farnborough (Top of M3)
    • Brewers Fayre (Premier Inn) - Map / Hotel / Restaurant
    • Not far off M3 J4A
    • Free Parking (approx 100 spaces at hotel)
    • Served: Food, Beer, soft drinks
  • Loudwater / High Wycombe / Beaconsfield (M40) covers M4/M40 area
    • Brewers Fayre (Premier Inn) - Map / Hotel / Restaurant
    • Just off M40 J3
    • Free Parking (approx 130 spaces at hotel)
    • Served: Food, Beer, soft drinks
  • Newbury North (M4 Services)
    • DoubleTree - Map / Hotel
    • Just off M4 J13
    • PAID Parking
    • Served: Food, Beer, soft drinks
  • Petersfield (A3)
    • Beefeater (Premier Inn) - Map / Hotel / Restaurant
    • Just off A3
    • Free Parking (approx 75 spaces at hotel)
    • Served: Food, Beer, soft drinks

What do we need to make this happen?

  • Please vote on the form below to show which venues you would be able to attend (3rd Saturday of every month) and we can then choose what would be the most likely venues and whether we need to have a roaming venue where we change it each month if there are no clear winners.

PLEASE NOTE - All the data below will be visible to others wishing to come to the Pen Club with the link at the bottom of the form, do not include email address or full name if you would prefer to keep them private. 

Name *
Locations I can get to *
Mode of Transport *
Preferred Meetup Day *
Will you be bringing a friend/spouse *
This is just so we can see how many people would be looking to attend to see if the venue would be possible.

Here is a direct link (view only) to the spreadsheet so you can see which locations are voted for along with the above data submitted.  If you need anything changing, please email me.


Whilst you're at it, join our Facebook group page for up to date info and polls on what we're going to do and where we're going to be!